Juvenile Crimes

When young people face potentially serious criminal charges, Burch & Lockhart provides the strong legal defense they need to protect them.

Young people can easily get involved in behaviors that put them on the wrong side of the law. Hanging out with a bad crowd, being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and momentary lapses in judgment can end up resulting in potentially serious criminal charges. Despite being juveniles, young offenders still face heavy penalties. These include fines, lengthy community service requirements, a criminal record, and possible removal from their homes. In these situations, Burch & Lockhart provide the strong, professional legal guidance you need. As experienced Manchester, TN juvenile crime attorneys, we can help protect your child while building a strong defense against the charges he or she faces.

Defending Young People in Juvenile Crime Cases

When young people get in trouble with the law, it is a serious matter. Of the hundreds of juveniles who pass through the Tennessee Courts each year, too many end up becoming repeat offenders. While they are likely to downplay the situation, it can have a major impact on every area of their lives. In addition to the potential criminal penalties they face as a result of their charges, a conviction can influence their future educational, personal, and professional opportunities.

At Burch & Lockhart, we handle these types of cases with the seriousness they deserve. We aggressively defend the rights of young people who are facing the following types of charges:

● Truancy;

● Disorderly conduct;

● Vandalism;

● Underage drinking;

● DUI and other traffic violations;

● Drug possession and distribution;

● Shoplifting, robbery, and other theft-related crimes;

● Assault and battery;

● Sexual assault and harassment;

● Manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter, and attempted murder.

Building Your Child a Strong Legal Defense

Juvenile crimes leave a mark on your child’s reputation that can prove difficult to shake. Regardless of the types of criminal charges your child is facing, you need a strong legal defense to ensure your child’s rights are protected. At Burch & Lockhart, our experience in the Tennessee Juvenile Justice system and our relationships with local law enforcement, judges, and others involved in these cases allow us to act as a strong advocate for juvenile criminal defendants. Efforts we can take include:

● Reviewing the circumstances surrounding their charges or arrest;

● Providing our own investigations to uncover additional information and evidence in their favor;

● Negotiating with police and prosecuting attorneys to get their charges reduced or dismissed;

● Intervening in interactions between the family and social service workers involved in a child’s case;

● Arranging for pretrial diversion programs to avoid a criminal record;

● Making effective arguments before juvenile court judges;

● Arranging for alternative sentencing, allowing for the least amount of disruption in the family’s life.

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