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Division Of Complex Marital Assets

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Protecting Your Assets And Your Rights

Property division is one of the most complicated and contentious aspects of any divorce. This is especially true when there are significant assets involved, such as a family business, stock options or pension plans. At Law Offices of Burch, Morrison, & Stewart, our Manchester division of marital assets attorney has more than a decade of experience helping people navigate this process. We will work with you to reach an agreement that is fair, equitable and protects your valuable interests.

If you are going through a divorce that involves significant assets, you need experienced legal representation. Call (931) 954-1066 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation.

Dedicated Help With Division Of All Types Of Complex Assets

Our Middle Tennessee divorce attorneys can handle the division of all types of complex marital property, including:

It can be difficult to determine exactly what marital property consists of, to say nothing of how to value something like a business. At Law Offices of Burch, Morrison, & Stewart, we will work with experts, such as forensic accountants, to determine the value of your assets and to discover any hidden assets. We are dedicated to reaching a property division agreement that is fair, yet also protects your important legal and financial interests.

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From business valuations to dividing pensions and retirement plans, we can help guide you through the property division process. Contact our Manchester family law lawyers online, or call (931) 954-1066 for a free initial consultation to discuss your situation. Our office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and evenings and weekends by appointment.