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If custody hearings are necessary, preparation may be key

Making decisions that will affect your future and the future of your children can feel intimidating. You undoubtedly do not want to choose paths that will unnecessarily make your children's lives more difficult, but if you and the other parent can no longer get along and the living arrangements have become hostile, you may make the difficult decision to move forward with divorce.

Though deciding to end a marriage is a major step in itself, you will need to make numerous other choices throughout the dissolution process. Because you have kids, one of your greatest concerns may revolve around child custody. While the best case scenario would involve you and the other parent coming up with a parenting plan together, you may already know that a judge will need to make the decisions.

Not every homicide, or killing of a human being, is a crime

Being accused of being involved in a homicide can understandably be unnerving. However, a common misconception is that every homicide is a crime.

A homicide is essentially the killing of a human being. Many homicides, including manslaughter and murder, do violate laws. However, other homicides, such as killing someone in justifiable self-defense, are not a criminal offenses. Understanding the difference among manslaughter, murder and a legal homicide is critical if police have linked you to any one of these types of incidents in Tennessee.

Why mediating a divorce might be your best option

The thought of having to go through the divorce process may be mentally and emotionally overwhelming. However, not every divorce proceeding has to feel like a battle.

Divorce mediation offers an alternative process to traditional divorce litigation in Tennessee. By mediating a divorce, you can handle matters such as property division and alimony without further court intrusion.

Rate of opioid car accidents rapidly increasing

Safety advocates and law enforcement continue to impress on the public the dangers of drinking and driving. The effects of alcohol on the body and mind make it difficult to safely operate a motor vehicle, and accidents involving drunk drivers typically result in horrific injuries.

Lately, however, those same opponents of drunk driving are battling a new enemy in opioids. As doctors continue to prescribe massive amounts of narcotics, addiction to powerful painkillers is on the rise. While you may not be able to smell it on someone's breath like alcohol, the effects of opioids on a driver can be just as deadly.

Fighting back against allegations of white collar crimes

White-collar crimes are non-violent crimes associated with unlawfully taking information or money or employing other illegal means for the purpose of financial gain. This term describes a wide range of illegal activities most often committed by financial experts and government officials, usually involving deceit, fraud and more.

If you are currently facing criminal charges related to white collar crimes, there is much at stake. While these types of crimes do not involve a violent element, they can still bring serious, even life-altering penalties if convicted.

How technology plays its part in your divorce

On your social media page, you may linger over funny kitten videos and cute pictures of your friends' children. Occasionally, you may also find yourself stopping to read a juicy rant someone has posted about a friend, co-worker or family member. You may even reply to this post to offer your support or to commiserate. After all, you know how good it feels when friends show you the same kind of support.

However, now that you are heading for divorce, it may be time to rethink your social media presence. While these days, posting your grievances on Facebook seems like a perfectly natural thing to do, social media posts are easily misinterpreted and taken out of context. If this happens to you, it may damage your chances for a fair and amicable divorce settlement.

After A Car Accident: Communicating With Your Insurance Company

Every year, thousands of drivers and passengers throughout Tennessee are involved in motor vehicle accidents. When it comes to car accidents, an individual's entire life can literally change in an instant and for those who emerge suffering painful and debilitating injuries; the physical, emotional and financial toll can be significant.

One of the most important things that drivers must do in the wake of a car accident is to report the accident to their insurance company and file an accident claim. It's important to note, however, that, despite their many promises and claims, insurance providers don't always have their customers' best interests in mind. Consequently, an accident claim may be delayed, reduced or denied; leaving injured parties responsible for some or all financial expenses and losses.

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