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Stalking Lawyer In Manchester, TN

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Stalking is one of the most unsettling things that can happen to a family. Our Manchester stalking attorneys help you live a stalking-free life.

Of all the kinds of domestic abuse, stalking may be the hardest kind to define and the hardest kind to stop. Essentially, stalking is secretly following someone at a distance, like a lion stalking its prey, but the payoff is different. The lion wants to survive, and the domestic stalk simply wants to give the victim an uncomfortable feeling. Nevertheless, there are some remedies available, no matter what stage your family law case is in.

The Manchester stalking attorneys at Burch, Morrison, and Stewart understand that your health and well-being and your children’s health and well-being are at stake in these cases. So, we take action that gives you and your family peace of mind. The orders we craft and present to the judge do more than halt stalking. They establish ground rules for visitation exchange and other contact.

Signs of Stalking

Close to eight million people are stalked every year. Many of them may not know that there is a problem. Some signs of stalking include:

One or two of these things at one or two times may not be cause for concern. But if these items are consistently issues, you should speak to a Manchester stalking attorney.

Standalone Restraining Orders

If stalking is recurrent, and especially if the behavior crosses the line from annoying to threatening, a protective order might be a good idea.

These orders are more than pieces of paper. They give stalking victims a way to put others on notice that there is an issue. So, there will be no “accidental” show-ups in public places.

Sometimes, Kay County judges grant anti-stalking orders on an ex parte basis. The victim’s statement is sufficient to obtain a protective order that lasts about two weeks.

Generally, however, judges award anti-stalking orders at adversary proceedings. After hearing from both sides, the judge may issue a restraining order which lasts up to two years. This order may include other provisions as well, such as a requirement to pay child support.

General Family Law Orders

If stalking was an issue during a divorce separation, our Manchester stalking attorneys can help ensure that it is not an issue again. Judges routinely add provisions to final orders which prevent alleged abusers from going certain places without legitimate purposes.

These orders are subject to future modification. For example, if the alleged abuser completes an anti-stalking class, overcomes a substance addiction, or makes other strides, it may be appropriate to remove some of the restrictions. On the other hand, if the stalking behavior resumes, more restrictive measures may be appropriate.

Reach Out to Dedicated Attorneys

Your family has the right to be free from stalking and harassing behavior. For a free consultation with an experienced stalking attorney in Manchester, contact Burch, Morrison, & Stewart. After-hours visits are available.