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To defend yourself against serious criminal charges that could result in a jail sentence, get our Manchester assault and battery attorneys on your side.

Accusations of assault and battery in Tennessee are a serious matter. Whether you are accused of actually causing harm to another person or making threats, the potential penalties you face if convicted are severe. In addition to heavy fines, court costs, and payment of restitution to victims, you could end up with a possibly lengthy jail sentence. In these situations, you need an aggressive Manchester criminal defense attorney on your side. At the Law Offices of Burch, Morrison, & Stewart , we have over 15 years experience defending clients in these types of cases and can provide the trusted legal representation you need to protect yourself, your rights, and your freedom.

Assault and Battery Charges in Tennessee

Altercations can happen in a variety of situations, such as at public events, parties, or during chance encounters. In some cases, arguments may arise between complete strangers or they may involve misunderstandings between friends and acquaintances. Regardless of the situation, once it has escalated to the point at which there is even a threat of physical violence, law enforcement is likely to get involved.

In some states, the word ‘assault’ is used to describe situations in which there is the threat of causing physical harm, where ‘battery’ refers to acts of violence that result in serious injuries. In our area, both actions are categorized under the broader category of assault. Assault crimes are defined under Section 39-13-101 of the Tennessee Code as consisting of the following:

When facing these types of charges, you need our experienced Manchester assault and battery attorney on your side. The penalties you face depend on the circumstances involved and the severity of the injuries the victim suffers.

Get Our Manchester Assault and Battery Attorney on Your Side

Manchester assault and battery crimes are generally prosecuted through the Coffee County Circuit Courts. Relatively minor cases may involve misdemeanor charges, with a conviction resulting in fines and up to a year in jail. However, if the victim suffered more severe injuries or a weapon was involved in the assault, the incident could result in aggravated assault charges being filed against you.

Aggravated assault is a felony crime that could result in a possible 15-year jail sentence. A conviction will also result in a permanent criminal record, which will follow you the rest of your life and may prevent you from getting a job, an education, or even housing.

At Burch, Morrison, & Stewart, we provide the strong legal defense you need when facing serious criminal charges. To get our team working hard on your behalf, contact our Manchester assault and battery attorneys and request a consultation today.