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Rollover Accident Lawyer in Manchester, TN

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One type of car accident that receives little attention is the rollover. This type of crash occurs when a vehicle flips onto its hood or side, often after leaving the road and tumbling down an embankment. If a person is not strapped in with a seat belt, he or she could be thrown clear of the car.

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Common Rollover Injuries

When a vehicle is flipped onto its side, it can seriously injure even those wearing seat belts. Victims typically suffer most of their injuries in five regions:

For example, a person can experience multiple fractures in these areas or other traumatic injuries, including soft-tissue injuries, bruises, concussions, and spinal cord injury. If glass breaks, then a person could also suffer serious lacerations or abrasions.

Recovery is often grueling. Someone with multiple fractures in the arms and legs, for example, might be unable to return to work. They might also need physical therapy to regain the use of their muscles, especially if they have been immobilized for long periods of time. Brain injuries can cause a person to suffer from headache, memory loss, and mood disorders for years.

Statistics Regarding Rollover Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has highlighted some of the more common causes of rollovers. They found that almost half of all fatal rollovers involved alcohol use, which could impair a person’s judgment or movement. They also found that speed was a factor in 40% of fatal rollovers.

However, NHTSA’s data also showed that about 85% of rollover fatalities were single vehicle crashes, meaning the car did not collide with another vehicle before flipping. Instead, a vehicle often “trips” on something, such as soft soil or a guardrail. Some rollovers also happen on a steep slope. For example, a vehicle might try to make a quick turn while going downhill, which is very dangerous. Almost 95% of all rollovers were tripped, according to NHTSA.

Only 5% of all rollovers are untripped. These accidents often occur when a vehicle that is top-heavy makes a sudden maneuver, such as swerving in an attempt to avoid a crash.

Protecting Yourself and Loved Ones

To minimize injuries, we recommend that motorists always wear a seatbelt while a vehicle is in motion. Children should also be buckled up and in a child seat, if necessary.

If you are involved in a rollover, try to call the police to come out to the crash site. Even if you were involved in a single vehicle rollover, you still might have a legal claim if a defect on the vehicle or in the road contributed to the crash. A defective guard rail, for example, might cause a motorist to flip over.

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