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Internet Crimes Lawyer In Manchester, TN

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While the internet may arguably be the most impressive technology from the 20th century, allowing people to learn and communicate like never before, the internet is also a haven for criminal activity. From hacking to child pornography, cyber crimes are treated seriously, both at the federal level and in the state of Tennessee. If you are facing internet crimes charges, our Manchester criminal defense lawyers at the law office of Burch, Morrison, & Stewart are here to defend you.

Internet Crimes in Tennessee

In 2003, the state of Tennessee enacted the Tennessee Personal and Commercial Computer Act of 2003, a law that outlined various different violations and crimes involving a computer or/and a computer network. Specifically, the act states that anyone who knowingly accesses, attempts to access, or causes to be accessed a telephone system, telecommunications facility, computer software, computer program, computer network, etc. is guilty of a Class C misdemeanor if the purpose of access was to:

The laws above pertain to cyber crimes of fraud. There are also cyber crimes of hacking, defined as knowingly accessing and altering, destroying, damaging, or otherwise using, without permission, data or a computer network.

The law also explains that introducing a computer “contaminant,” or virus, as is more commonly referred to today, into a computer system or network is a Class B misdemeanor. If a person gains or attempts to gain access to a computer network for the purpose of tampering with a security system, the crime is a Class A misdemeanor.

In addition to the offenses listed above, the state of Tennessee harshly prosecutes various other serious cyber crimes, including child pornography and child victimization. Specifically, it is against the law for an adult to send nude and sexually explicit pictures to a child, to ask the child to send pictures, or to depict a child in a sexually explicit nature.

How Our Experienced Manchester Criminal Defense Lawyers can Help

Being charged with an internet crime can mean jail time, large fines, and lost opportunities. If you have been charged with a cyber crime, our Manchester criminal defense lawyers will help you to understand the options in front of you, including potential defenses. Some defenses might include proving that you were actually authorized to access information or that you lacked fraudulent intent or knowledge of what you were doing. We can also help you to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution when this is a more viable option.

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