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Client Testimonials


Eric Burch and staff are knowledgeable and professional in all aspects of the law. With many years of experience in our area, he’s the best advocate for you in your time of need if you ever need representation here in Manchester.

— B.J.M. 2015


I trust Eric Burch for any legal issues. He is quick, sharp, knowledgeable, and easily works with others within our judicial system. I have trusted him to do the best for me in the past, and if needed, will do so again in the future. He is a man of integrity who fights for the best for his clients. And that matters!

— B.R. 2015


Best divorce attorney in the state! Eric Burch and his staff are without question the first law firm to call when faced with a legal issue. They will ethically fight for your constitutional rights and assure that they are upheld accordingly.

— N.S.F. 2015


Tennessee is lucky to have an attorney like Eric Burch. Do not waste your time contacting any other lawyer. Eric is cunning, ethical, & a total pitbull when it comes to seeking justice for you!

— J.B. 2015


Not only a great attorney but a good friend. Fair and open minded . He will do the best he possibly can to help . What more can you ask for?

— M.D.M. 2015


I am so glad that I found Burch and Stanley. The staff there are very knowledgeable, and I appreciate how quickly they returned my calls and emails. Plus, I did not expect the first consultation to be free! Thank you Burch and Stanley for all of your help!

— A.L. 2015


A great team that always works hard for you and will not let you down.

— J.S. 2015


Mr Burch and Ms Stanley have my utmost respect. They have never been to busy to lend a hand and advice when needed. Very professional!

— K.M. 2015


Best Attorney in Manchester hands down!!!!!! Highly recommend.

— K.N. 2015


Eric Burch is DRIVEN, a FIGHTER in the court room, and a WONDERFUL person to know!

— M.J. 2015


Very good attorney. Helped me through the process.

— P.S. 2015


Mr. Burch is very professional, very knowledgeable & works very hard for his clients!!

— C.M. 2015


With Eric Burch on my side I KNOW I HAVE THE BEST!!!!

— D.M. 2015


Very professional, gets answers and results for their clients.

— T.H. 2015


Great folks that will work hard to make sure you are taking care of.

— L.T. 2015

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