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Drug Crimes

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Drug Crime Lawyers In Manchester, TN

At Law Offices of Burch, Morrison, & Stewart, we recognize the negative consequences a misdemeanor or felony drug crime conviction can have on your future. Depending on your charge, you could be facing serious penalties, including jail time and a permanent criminal record.

Our skilled Manchester drug crimes attorneys want to help eliminate or minimize the negative impact a drug conviction can have on you by protecting your rights and creating a solid defense for your case.

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Experienced Drug Possession Defense Attorney

We defend people who are facing misdemeanor or felony drug charges in Middle Tennessee.

For more than 20 years, our knowledgeable drug defense lawyers have assisted clients with their illegal and prescription drug charges involving drug possession, distribution and sale, trafficking , conspiracy to possess drugs with the intent to resell and manufacturing drugs.

Prescription and illegal drugs that have been involved in the cases we have handled include:

Through a close examination of the details surrounding the initial search and seizure, we can identify if there was probable cause for the police to conduct a search and build a strong argument if evidence was illegally obtained.

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