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Child Support

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Child Support Lawyer In Manchester, TN

At Law Offices of Burch, Morrison, & Stewart, we provide reliable legal advice and representation for custodial parents who are seeking legal help to enforce and increase child support. We also represent noncustodial parents who are seeking a child support decrease, such as when there is a substantial change in income or other circumstances.

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Child Support In Tennessee

Our lawyers provide results-oriented representation in these aspects of child support:

Tennessee law governs the amount of support that will be awarded to the custodial parent. The court will consider factors such as the income of the parents, income earning potential, and the amount of time the child lives with each parent, when setting the amount of the child support payment. Our child support lawyers will defend your rights and seek a fair agreement for you.

Child Support Modifications

Once ordered by the court, the monthly child support payment will stay in place until it is modified by a subsequent order. When a significant change in circumstances occurs, such as an increase or decrease in a parent’s income or a change in the child’s living arrangements, you can seek to modify a child support order.

For an affordable fee, an attorney at our firm can represent you, seeking a modification in the child support amount, either up or down as circumstances warrant. We can also address complex child support problems, for example, when a parent attempts to hide income or is intentionally working in a position far below his or her earning potential.

At Law Offices of Burch, Morrison, & Stewart, in Manchester, we believe that a parent entitled to receive child support should receive all of the support the law requires. We also believe that a payer of child support should not have to pay more than the law requires. Let us put our experience and advocacy skills to work for you.

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