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Manchester Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers

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Following a Serious Slip and Fall Accident, our Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyers Will Aggressively Advocate for You

For most people who slip, trip, or fall while in Manchester, Tennessee, the harm is minimal - perhaps a bruised bottom or a little soreness the following day. Some people are not so lucky, though, and when they are involved in a slip and fall accident, the fall results in serious and lasting injuries.

Most serious slip and fall accidents are a result of dangerous conditions and property owner negligence. If you are seriously harmed and have questions about your options for financial recovery, our experienced Manchester attorneys at the law offices of Burch, Morrison, & Stewart are here to answer those questions.

How Tennessee Slip and Fall Accidents Happen

While some slip and falls happen as a result of clumsiness or a misstep, many would never occur but for dangerous and hazardous conditions that go unremedied on a property. Examples of such conditions that can lead to slip and fall accidents include:

If you believe that your slip and fall accident was the result of a hazardous condition and your slip and fall accident occurred on the property of another party, call our law firm today; you may have a winning slip and fall accident claim.

Seeking Damages After a Slip and Fall

If your slip and fall accident occurred on the property of another party, you may be able to hold that property owner liable for your injuries. Property owners have a duty to those who enter their properties (lawfully) to maintain their properties in a reasonably safe condition, and to remedy any known hazards within a reasonable amount of time. If your slip and fall accident and related damages resulted from a property owner’s failure to maintain the property in a safe condition, our lawyers can help you to seek damages for the full extent of your losses, including:

Time is Ticking: Start the Recovery Process Today

If you think that you have a slip and fall claim against a property owner, you need to act fast. In Tennessee, personal injury victims only have one year from the date of their injury to bring forth a civil action against a negligent party, as found in Tennessee Code Section 28-3-104(a)(1).

Our Lawyers Advocate for You

Being seriously injured in a slip and fall can leave you with disabling injuries, questions about how to pay for your medical bills and support yourself when you are unable to work, and fear about the future. You do not have to accept this as your reality; our lawyers are here to help you recover the full amount of damages that you deserve and get the settlement you need to move forward with your life.

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