Manchester Insurance Fraud Defense Attorneys

To protect yourself against possible state and federal penalties, get our Manchester criminal defense attorneys fighting on your side.

Insurance fraud can involve any type of deception committed against an insurance company. Even seemingly minor infractions are a serious matter. In addition to facing civil liability and financial penalties associated with a policy or claim, you could also end up with criminal charges. The experienced Manchester insurance fraud defense attorneys of Burch & Lockhart provide the strong legal guidance you need to protect yourself in these situations.

Insurance Fraud in Tennessee

Tennessee insurance laws are partly designed to protect consumers. However, these same laws will hold you accountable if you are suspected of filing improper claims or providing misleading information to insurance companies. Under Section 56-53-102 of the Tennessee Code, you could face these types of charges for any of the following actions:

● Misrepresenting facts on an insurance application;

● Improperly inflating or ‘padding’ claims;

● Staging accidents and mishaps for the sake of collecting on a policy;

● Submitting claims for injuries or damages which never occurred.

At Burch & Lockhart, our Manchester, TN insurance fraud defense attorneys represent clients in these and other types of situations. Insurance companies have teams of investigators and attorneys working on their behalf to defend and protect the company's rights when dealing with fraudulent claims and policy issues. To protect yourself against criminal charges and any civil liability you may be facing, get our team fighting on your side.

Cases Our Manchester Insurance Fraud Defense Attorneys Represent

The Insurance Information Institute (III) reports that with billions of dollars at stake in the insurance industry, representatives have sophisticated anti-fraud technology at their disposal. One of the primary uses for this technology is investigating claims and uncovering evidence of consumer fraud. There are two basic types of fraud investigators are on the lookout for:

● Soft fraud, which is when someone misrepresents facts, such as over stating injuries or property damages;

● Hard fraud, which involves actually faking an accident, injury, or other incident for the purpose of collecting on a claim.

At Burch & Lockhart, we provide the tough, tenacious legal defense you need in both of these situations. Cases our Manchester insurance fraud attorneys represent often involve home, life, or auto insurance fraud, fraudulent Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security claims, and Workers’ Compensation fraud, where the amount of benefits is disputed and injuries or disabilities are less severe than what has been reported to the insurer.

Get Our Manchester Insurance Fraud Defense Attorneys on Your Side

When dealing with accusations of insurance fraud, it is important to be aware of the penalties you could be facing. In addition to having to pay back any money received through a fraudulent claim and any fines or financial penalties assessed by the insurance company, you could also be facing criminal charges on both the state and federal levels.

At Burch & Lockhart, we provide the strong legal defense you need to avoid these penalties. Get our team working on your side and contact our Manchester criminal defense attorneys to schedule a consultation today.