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Do I Need a Police Report in a Slip and Fall Accident?

When a slip and fall accident occurs, it is common for victims to be embarrassed and attempt to shrug off the incident and any pain or suffering they experience as a result. Unfortunately, the fact is that these injuries can end up requiring ongoing medical care and may result in permanent disabilities.

Is it Ever a Good Idea to Refuse a Test if You are Pulled Over for DUI?

If you get pulled over in Tennessee for driving under the influence (DUI) and the officer asks you to take a test to prove how much you have had to drink, what should you do? That is a question that many people ask. Do you have to submit yourself to a breath, urine, or blood test? What happens if you refuse to take the test?

Rate of opioid car accidents rapidly increasing

Safety advocates and law enforcement continue to impress on the public the dangers of drinking and driving. The effects of alcohol on the body and mind make it difficult to safely operate a motor vehicle, and accidents involving drunk drivers typically result in horrific injuries.

Fighting back against allegations of white collar crimes

White-collar crimes are non-violent crimes associated with unlawfully taking information or money or employing other illegal means for the purpose of financial gain. This term describes a wide range of illegal activities most often committed by financial experts and government officials, usually involving deceit, fraud and more.