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Wear a Mask, Carry a Gun, No Problem

Do not worry — you will not get arrested if you are legally carrying a gun and wearing a mask in our state.

While wearing a mask is not only common but required for entry in most parts of the state right now, wearing a mask indoors may initially trigger feelings related to criminal activity. Those who are committing crimes often cover their faces when in the act. As such, some have worried about the legality of carrying a gun (with the proper license) while also wearing a mask. For those who have a license to carry, our lawyers would like to make it clear that there is no law that makes it illegal to be in legal possession of a firearm while also wearing a mask.

What is Against the Law in Tennessee?

There is no statute related to wearing a mask while carrying a firearm in our state, and even if there was, there would be a viable legal defense based on the fact that there are mask mandates in effect in the state.

While wearing a mask while carrying a firearm is not against the law, it is important to know what is against the law related to firearm use. To carry a handgun, for example, you must have a permit. A handgun carry permit application can be accessed online. There is also a separate permit to carry a concealed handgun. Even if you have a permit, though, you must carry the handgun as concealed at all times, and you cannot bring the handgun on school or university property.

What to do if Facing a Weapons Charge in Tennessee

You will not get charged with a crime for wearing a mask and carrying a gun (assuming you have the permit to do so and are carrying legally) in Tennessee, but you could get charged with a crime for committing another type of weapon offense. If you are facing criminal charges, it is important that you understand what the best steps to take are.

Learn More About Gun and Weapon Laws in Tennessee

Whether you have questions about the laws related to carrying a gun in our state or if you are facing criminal charges for weapons offenses in our state, working with a skilled Tennessee criminal defense attorney can help. To learn more about the criminal defense lawyers at the law offices of Burch, Morrison, & Stewart and the legal services we provide, please call our legal team directly today. We are here to advocate for you when you need it the most.

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