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Top Five Signs Your Child is a Victim of Cyberbullying

Behavioral changes, and physical changes as well, are some common indications of cyberbullying. This problem is quite common among children.

If your child has regular access to a smartphone or other device, there is a good chance your child has been cyberbullied. Approximately half of children admit they have been victimized. That proportion is probably greatly understated, as many children go to great lengths to conceal bullying.

Cyberbullying is technically against the law in Tennessee, but authorities rarely prosecute these matters. So, it may be up to a Manchester personal injury lawyer to obtain justice in these situations, suing a theory like intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Taking action may be important. Cyberbullying is not just a “phase.” Bullying may cause long-lasting emotional damage which could bubble to the surface at the most inopportune moment.

Online Nervousness

Cyberbullying victims are often very jumpy when people are nearby when they text or peruse social media accounts, even if there is no bullying activity at that moment. Most signs of cyberbullying are related to fear, and this symptom is a good illustration. Sometimes, children are afraid they will be judged harshly. Other times, kids fear retaliation, as outlined below.

Reluctance to Attend School

Granted, this symptom is a bit vague. Many children do not particularly like going to school. But most caregivers can tell the difference between a case of the Mondays and an underlying issue. Also watch for things like calls from school at certain times of day or requests to change teachers in certain classes. Many kids do these things to avoid confronting their bullies personally. They are willing to go to school. They just do not want to get too close to their tormentor.

Online Secrecy

Many children conceal their online activity from caregivers because they are afraid to speak out. Many times, bullies threaten to retaliate if the victim tells someone. Also watch for things like new email or social media accounts. Some children open such accounts to avoid bullying. That being said, there may be another reason the child is being secret about online accounts. Always have a conversation with your child before making any conclusions.


Frequently, cyberbullying victims have trouble quieting their minds and getting to sleep. That is especially true if, as is usually the case, the child spends a lot of time texting or on social media at night. Inability to sleep at night leads to fatigue during the day. As a result, the child is less able to cope with daily cyberbullying. That creates additional trouble sleeping, and the downward spiral continues.

Physical Symptoms

Often, this downward spiral ends in physical or emotional symptoms. Some bullying victims experience drastic weight changes. They either stop eating because stress affects their digestive systems or gain weight because they emotionally eat. Sometimes, the symptoms are a bit more subtle. For example, some children change their circle of friends or other social habits. They believe that if they “fit in,” the bullying will stop. On a related note, if the child makes even a passing reference to suicide, that is a major red flag which should not be ignored.

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