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Fighting back against allegations of white collar crimes

White-collar crimes are non-violent crimes associated with unlawfully taking information or money or employing other illegal means for the purpose of financial gain. This term describes a wide range of illegal activities most often committed by financial experts and government officials, usually involving deceit, fraud and more.

If you are currently facing criminal charges related to white collar crimes, there is much at stake. While these types of crimes do not involve a violent element, they can still bring serious, even life-altering penalties if convicted.

Types of white collar crimes

There are many different types of activities that may fall under the category of white collar crime. The three financial crimes that are most often investigated by the FBI include:

If convicted of any type of white collar crime, you could face serious penalties that may include prison time, fines and more. Not only is your career and personal reputation on the line, your personal freedom is as well. These are federal charges, which means that the penalties are severe and the stakes are incredibly high.

A strong defense plan

White collar crimes are serious, and you would be wise not to waste any time in securing defense help. Even if you are just under investigation, it is never too early to protect your interests in a potential criminal proceeding. Due to the complex nature of federal cases and the complicated nature of the criminal justice system, you need an experienced legal ally to investigate your case and protect your rights throughout the entire process.

Whether you think the case against you is strong or not, you do not have any time to lose. You have rights, including the right to challenge the evidence against you and defend your interests throughout the investigation and beyond. Protecting your lawful entitlements can begin with a complete case evaluation with a legal professional knowledgeable in the nuances of federal court and the various defense options available to you.

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