Head Injuries

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A head injury involves injury to a person’s face, scalp, skull, or brain and is usually one of the more serious injuries that a person can suffer. Head injuries require prompt medical intervention, otherwise accident victims could become permanently disabled. Some may even die.

At Burch & Lockhart, we represent accident victims when head injuries leave them sidelined and in need of expensive medical care. Reach out to one of our Manchester, Tennessee head injury lawyers for more information about your legal rights.

Types of Head Injuries

The precise injury a person suffers will depend on where they were hurt. Most head injuries are caused by trauma. We have seen clients struggle with:

Many head injuries occur during car or other motor vehicle accidents, even if a victim is wearing a seat belt. They can still hit their head on the side of the vehicle, the dash, or another passenger. Some people can injure their heads when they slip and fall, particularly if they strike their head on a step, fire hydrant, or other object.

Why Head Injuries are Dangerous

Head injuries pose special risks, which is why someone who feels pain in their head or face should immediately see a doctor. A medical professional can order the necessary tests to pinpoint the injury and offer targeted medical treatment.

Head injuries carry certain complications that make them particularly challenging for accident victims:

  • A cut on the head could easily become infected. When infections enter the face or skull, the results can be disastrous.
  • Facial disfigurement is extremely distressing and can cause a person to become depressed and antisocial. Cuts, infections, and burns can all lead to disfigurement. Plastic surgery can sometimes partially correct an injury, but not always. Some disfigurement often remains.
  • Many head injuries could possibly blind a victim, including orbital fractures and direct trauma to the eyeball.
  • Death. Any bleeding in the brain can lead to permanent disability or death. As the brain tissue expands, it presses against the skull. This pressure needs to be relieved immediately to prevent permanent injury.

Medical Expenses and Head Injuries

These can be difficult injuries to treat, which makes them expensive. If an accident victim needs surgery, rehabilitation, or overnights in the hospital, then they could need tens of thousands of dollars in medical care. Reconstructive surgery to the face is also expensive.

When head injuries result in permanent disability, our clients require lifelong medical care. For example, someone with a severe traumatic brain injury might need to move into a long-term care facility. Even moderate head injuries might require the help of an at-home attendant.

Medical expenses are only some of the costs that our clients bear after a head injury. Loss of income can also be considerable if the injury prevents our clients from returning to work.

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