Modifications of Orders in Tennessee

Skilled Manchester family law attorneys can provide guidance to clients who need to modify a child support, custody, or spousal support order.

It is hard to predict what your life will be like after a divorce. Your current situation may not always stay the same, and could change dramatically even years down the line. This means that the terms of your original divorce decree may no longer serve their intended purpose. Under the laws in Tennessee, there may be options by which you can legally pursue a modification of an order in light of the new situation.

At the Law Offices of Burch & Lockhart , we have years of experience helping clients throughout the state with all of their family law needs, including modifications of orders. We use our experience to help you bring an outdated divorce decree in line with your current situation. We can handle all aspects of your request for modification, which will help streamline your pursuit for a more favorable outcome.

What Types of Modification Orders are Allowed in Tennessee?

There are three main areas where clients seek modification orders. These include:

Child Support : Income levels and employment situations are likely to change over time. This can be with the recipient spouse or the one who is paying the recurring child support. Perhaps you are ordered to pay a certain amount, but your job situation has changed, and you can no longer afford it. Maybe your child’s situation has changed and there is no longer the need for expensive daycare or health insurance. The court allows couples to petition for a modification in child support provided it is in the best interests of the child.

Child Custody : Sometimes you need to request a modification in custody because there may be a change in school, summertime plans, or one parent getting a job in another state. This could affect visitation schedules, as well.

Spousal Support/Alimony : Much like the issues that bring forth a child support modification request, the same circumstances can bring about the need to revisit the alimony award. Maybe your spouse is remarrying soon, or started a new job and does not need as much support every month. If you are the one paying the support and you lost your job, you may need to be protected from financial hardship.

Situations That Warrant Modifications

As mentioned previously, there are some situations that may warrant a modification. Some of these include:

● Either parent needing to relocate; relocation of more than 100 miles from the other parent needs court approval in most cases as it affects custody, support, and visitation

● Significant increase or decrease in one parent’s income; typically, more than 15%

● Serious health problems or disability

● Domestic violence

● Dramatic shift in child’s expenses, like if a child becomes disabled

● One partner remarries

● Either party now has another child whom they are legally responsible for and currently supporting

● Child under original order is deceased

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