Charged With A Sex Crime? We Can Defend You.

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. However, many individuals feel public scrutiny the moment they are charged with a crime and are often treated as if already guilty of the crimes with which they have been charged. As friends and family members begin to distance themselves, many are left without a support system once they have been accused of a sex offense against a minor.

At Law Offices of Burch & Lockhart, we treat everyone with dignity and respect. No matter what type of sex offense you have been charged with — child molestation, child pornography, sexual exploitation of a child or statutory rape — our criminal defense lawyers will aggressively fight the charges to protect your freedom and your future.

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Manchester Sex Crimes Against Minors Attorneys

At Law Offices of Burch & Lockhart, we thoroughly investigate the circumstances leading to your arrest to identify any police misconduct — such as lack of a valid warrant or improper search and seizure — to throw out evidence and undermine the prosecution's case.

We also work with private investigators, child psychologists and other experts to determine whether the alleged victim has a motive to make false accusations against you or if the child understands what sexual terms and acts are.

Our firm will work tenaciously to protect your rights, keep you out of prison and vindicate you in the court of public opinion.

Protecting Your Freedom, Your Record And Your Future

In Tennessee, convicted sex offenders are strictly monitored. The state's sex offender registry system tracks sex offenders through annual and quarterly reporting requirements. Depending on the nature of your conviction, you will be required to report for anywhere from 10 years to life. Any time you change jobs, schools or move, you must report in person to your local police department or sheriff's office within 48 hours.

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